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Uncover the Leader in You

A coaching series designed to help you get clear on your ultimate purpose and design a blueprnt a life and a life's work that you love.

It's time to challenge the status quo, and start your path to being an educational change maker.

The antidote to stress and burnout that can sometimes come from being an educator is a commitment to an even greater purpose.

What is your purpose?

What is your mission?

How will you change the status quo of education?

Repeat after me:

I am a teacher, I am a creator, I am an educational changemaker.

Live Your Purpose ~Commit to Yourself ~Uncover the Leader in You

This session is now closed. Get notified for the next session.

June 4, 2021
6:00pm Eastern Time

Coaching Session

  • Listen: You are a LEADER
  • This is Your Story
  • Design Your Ideal Life
  • Live Your Purpose ~ Act Now
  • The Mindset of an Educational Changemaker

Dr. Michele Schmidt Moore

For over two decades, I’ve worked as a district and school level administrator, instructional designer, coach and teacher.

In my consulting, workshops and online training, I use design thinking and project based learning principles to support educators with actionable steps to become leaders who are educational change makers.

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